TransLumen’s Fluid Stills®

New Generation of Digital Art :

  • Defining Spaces – Public Space
  • Restoring the Human Core with Health and Healing Visuals
  • Curating the Art Video Media
  • Personalizing your Imagery

Fluid Stills® is perhaps best "looked at as one would a still image" with an occasional glance, gaze or more prolonged perusal rather than "watched like a movie.” Each frame has all of the qualities of a photograph, painting or other piece of still art while the work as a whole embodies the temporal flow of a motion picture.

Fluid Stills® is created to impress, yet not overwhelm, the attention of the viewing audience. Music scores produced to professionally synch to each subtle art panel transition or the Fluid Stills® can be used in conjunction with other music sources. Patented ultra slow motion continuously evolving art Imagery, creates the next art form for integration into design, light and space to enhance well-being .

Commercial Placement & Lobby Video

TransLumen works with hospitals brining Fluid Stills® content, distributed through various channels and systems to patient rooms, rehabilitation and lobby areas. TransLumen offers Fluid Stills® to source architectural design installations in hallways, providing ambient light sources using original art, as well as in-room lighting for overnight care. Fluid Stills® is appropriate for Office Building Lobbies, Hotels, Commercial Placement:

  • Displays, branded art
  • Environmental/ambient video
  • Seasonal video art
  • Personalized ambience
  • Information centers, lobbies, reception
  • Restaurants, Club and dining areas
  • Interactive ceiling/hallway displays
  • Projection on exterior walls
  • Works with existing or planned Audio Visual equipment
  • Can be dayparted

Sustainability – Integration into design where screens exist without over-stimulating environment. Displays with Fluid Stills® technology will focus on brand placement in strategic locations where consumers are in "standing, watching, touring, waiting and walking" mode. New content technology provides the ultimate in control and a unique opportunity to differentiate through customized design themes and installation.