Who We Are

TransLumen Technologies, LLC core algorithms provides advanced visualization tools for better situational awareness to improve actionable decisions for “Big Data" and to test/improve observational capabilities through simulation and gamification using patented and proprietary technology and state of the art solutions.


In TransLumen Technologies’ Long Glance Media (LGM) production division, LGM creates health and healing art as well as advanced digital advertising, album art and consumer produced content.


The company was incorporated in February, 2000.

Executive Team



Awarded US patents #6,433,839 and #6,580,466, and Canadian Patent #CA 2,404,292

Veteran Owned Small Business

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Certified Small Business (SDVOSB)


The company was incorporated in February, 2000.


  • The opportunities for sub-threshold gradual change imaging technologies to enhance our hyper-connected world are immense. And, TransLumen Technologies is on the cutting edge of the field. Their work gives brands and agencies a means to completely rewire how consumers interact with visual and interactive displays, from large arena projection mapping, to networked flatscreen storytelling, down to innovations in hand-held mobile device displays and dynamic UX. I strongly recommend their technology, their team, and their dedication to bringing incredible ideas to life."

    Ryan Rasmussen, Sr .Consultant, NetBase
  • TransLumen’s Fluid Stills art is the first of its kind to bring a new extraordinary visual art form to all of us. I helped deploy the digital art as new media for children with chronic illness. The results had the very positive effects of calming and engaging the children. I see enormous potential to enhance the well-being of patients, relatives and staffs in hospitals, rehab, and other environments. TransLumen definitively has a breakthrough in visual art media.

    Michael Cleavenger, Sr. Development Director Episcopal Charities and Community Services